Repair of Signal Processing & Conversion


Your device is repaired free of charge as part of the guarantee by the competent service station. During the guarantee period you may also have your device sent free of charge through the dealer where you purchased the device.

Should you not be entitled to a make use of your guarantee for repairs, you will receive a cost estimate from us. If you do not wish repairs to be carried out, the device can be disposed of by us at no cost on your part.

Where a claim does not proceed on the basis of a guarantee, we charge an inspection or processing fee plus return postage.

How to place an order for repairs 

  • Prior to sending off the relevant product, check that the problem is not a result of incorrect use or faulty installation. In case of doubt, contact our technical customer support service.
  • When sending off the device, please use our repair note.
  • Pack the device in a safe manner. No liability is accepted for damage during transport. 
  • Send off the parcel, including the repair note and receipt of purchase to the service station indicated below. Make sure the parcel is mailed with sufficient postage.   

Repair note 

Please fill in this repair note completely and enclose it with your package. 

Service station


Lindenstr. 3
09241 Mühlau

Telefon: +49 3722 6073-40
Fax:        +49 3722 6073-18



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