Our quality policy

KATHREIN Sachsen GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001.

To ensure the internationally recognized quality of our products, our quality policy follows the following principles:

Customer orientation

Our customers are indispensable to the existence of KATHREIN Sachsen GmbH. Being aware of this fact, we have made it our ultimate goal to meet and even exceed our customers' expectations.

Executive leadership

The performance, competence and team spirit of our staff entrusted with management tasks largely contribute to the commercial success of our company. To this end, we create and maintain an internal environment where the employees can fully devote themselves to achieving the corporate goals.

Involving all employees

Our employees are the most important resource; and we rely on their skills and expertise. For this purpose, we create and maintain a working atmosphere that builds on frankness, objectivity and mutual respect. The qualification level of our staff is constantly raised by targeted training measures. 

Optimizing processes

The entire operational process consists of individual processes. By analysing the same, we get an overview and transparency. Improvement measures are to boost quality and efficiency.

Continuing improvement

Continuing improvement is a constant effort in our company. It increases customer satisfaction, improves economic results and ensures future competitiveness. 

Professional decision-making

The fact-based perspective for upcoming decisions is to the fore. For decision-making, available data and information are analysed and assessed. On a case-to-case basis, team-based decision making is preferred.

Mutually beneficial supplier relations 

We very much depend on suppliers. Therefore, we maintain sustainable relationships that allow added value on both sides.

Cost effectiveness

We need economic success which we achieve by cost optimization and a fair price-performance ratio. This is the basis for market-oriented products, optimal customer satisfaction and the safeguarding of jobs. 

When it comes to quality management, we consistently follow the process orientation of ISO 9001. Accordingly, our IMS documentation is split into: 

  • Management processes
  • Main processes
  • Supporting processes

Certificate ISO 9001:2015