SMT manufacture

[kopiert] SMT-Fertigung


Laser marker system - Mühlbauer WL 3000 Flying Galvo

  • Labelling field 610 mm x 460 mm
  • Integrated turning unit

Göpel OptiCon SPI-Line 3D

  • Exact three-dimensional measurement of the applied solder paste
  • High-precision 3-D imaging by structured light scanning without moving parts

Pick-and-place machine FUJI NXT II

  • Placement rate 120,000 units/hr
  • 6 modules NXT II + 4 modules NXT I
  • Placement accuracy ±0.050mm cpk≥1.00
  • Board size 50 x 50mm to 610 x 534mm

Reflow soldering machine - REHM Vision XP+

  • High-efficiency reflow convection soldering system
  • Flexible transport system with central support
  • Soldering in inert-gas atmosphere

Inline 3D-AOI system - Omron VT-S730

  • Omron’s fourth AOI generation combines 2-D, 3-D colour highlight and 3-D structured light scanning
  • Resolution 15µm